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Injection Molding Safety

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Movable Guard

The movable guard prevents access to the clamping and ejector mechanisms as well as other moving parts of the machine and mold. Do not start a machine or leave a machine operating unless this guard is in place. This guard may be fixed on some machine designs, requiring a tool to remove it.

Movable Rear Guard

The movable rear guard should be equipped with at least two interlocks that stop clamp motion when the guard is open. This guard should only be opened for setup and maintenance activities. Use the front operator’s gate for operator access to the mold space.

Safety Interlock Valve

The hydraulic safety interlock valve prevents the clamp from closing when the operator’s gate is open.

Operators Gate

The operator’s gate allows the operator access to the mold and should be equipped with interlocks (such as electrical, hydraulic, and mechanical) that allow the machine to operate only when the gate is closed. Do not attempt to overrides any of the interlocks or to reach over, under, around, or through the operator’s gate (or other guards) while the machine is operating.

Personal Protection Equipment

Personal protective equipment (PPE), such as a face shield, gloves, and other appropriate equipment should be worn while performing maintenance or servicing activities when a hazard may be present.

Control Panel

The control panel on the front of the Injection Molding machine features a red Emergency Stop Button that prevents all machine motion when pressed.

Purge Guard

The purge guard covers the nozzle of the Injection Molding machine and helps prevent crushing injuries or burns from the splatter of molten plastic material. The purge guard should be interlocked. Opening an interlocked purge guard interrupts injection unit operation and prevents purging and motion of the injection unit.

Electrical Cabinet

The electrical cabinet guards the machine’s electrical system and protects unauthorized people from electrical hazards.


When in place, the hopper guards the feed throat opening, which connects the hopper to the injection unit, and does not allow workers’ hands or limbs to enter the area where the screw is turning. When the hopper is removed, workers should follow the manufacturer’s recommended procedures to avoid exposure to potential hazards. Wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) and do not place your hand into the feed throat area. In addition, to avoid the possibility of being sprayed by molten material, do not look down the feed throat directly. Safety signs should be posted to alert workers of potential hazards. If servicing and maintenance is needed, workers should follow appropriate lockout/tagout procedures.

Hoses and Fittings

Hoses and fittings can fail and spray hot oil or other substances at high pressure onto workers if punctured, frayed, or damaged. In addition, oil sprays can cause injuries and fire hazards. Inspect hoses and fittings for wear and damage as recommended by the manufacturer and replace as needed.

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