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UL or ETL or ?

Will you need UL or ETL testing? Developing your product takes a long time. Developing your product to sell in retail should not take any longer. Regardless of your market you should always develop your product with the end requirements in mind.

Many of the parts that are used in modern day products are either available from a local supplier or an overseas supplier. If you need to develop a part for your product  from scratch you must keep in mind that utilizing untested components in a final product can increase the testing cost by several thousands of dollars and delay your product moving to the market.

A good rule to follow when developing a new product is to keep with the already tested parts. If you source your electrical components from a supplier be sure to get all the UL or ETL testing information from that supplier BEFORE you decide to use that part.

Before you decide on a mold or product design find out what the rules are for that type of product. Do you need special plastics for your product. Must it be UL fire resistant or not. You must know all of this before you even begin to design your final product. If you neglect to take this into consideration you may run into a situation where the plastic you thought you could use, you can not, and the plastic you have to use, wont work in the mold. So be sure to check this before you go too far.

The testing lab that we prefer is Intertek, They can be reached here.

Intertek Testing Services NA, Inc. (ITSNA)



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